Atlanta’s Most Respected Dog Trainers

Comprehensive Pet Therapy (CPT) is Atlanta’s most respected pet training company. Since its inception, CPT has trained over 50,000 client dogs, significantly more than 50,000 human clients, and approximately 80 cats. Atlanta dog training has never been more comprehensive.

Dog Training Brochure:
Comprehensive Pet Therapy provides the highest quality and widest range of dog training services. Regardless of whether you desire a more obedient pet, want to show your dog in competition, or wish to solve annoying behavioral problems (such as chewing, barking, housebreaking, jumping, digging, mouthing, anxiety, or aggression); amongst CPT’s Group Classes, Private Instruction, and Boarding Training services, you will surely find a program that satisfies your dog training needs and budget. [More…]

Dog Agility Training:
Have a great time increasing the bond between you and your dog while enhancing your dog’s strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. [More…]

Assistance Dog Training:
CPT custom trains assistance dogs for wheelchair bound, neurologically impaired, orthopedically impaired, hearing impaired, or psychologically disabled clients. CPT also trains assistance dogs for children with autism. A CPT custom trained assistance dog can significantly improve the recipient’s quality of life. [More…]

Boarding and Board Training:
CPT offers daily boarding with training at its air-conditioned Sandy Springs facility. We also offer extended Board Training at 5 home-based locations in the metro-Atlanta area. The price is $80 per day for your dog to be boarded and trained by CPT’s elite staff. [More…]

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