Fido Fido

Fido Fido is an highly organized and professionally operated business. CPT President Mark Spivak is amazed at the operational systems installed by owner Marea Battle and her father Sylman. The facility is immaculately clean. Employees are trained and focused. The dogs are kept busy. In addition, the dogs are appropriately placed in play groups in accordance with their size and temperament. Although Fido Fido has only limited natural outdoor space, they have a large indoor play area and client dogs are always well supervised by trained, responsible caretakers.

Fido Fido is located on Mount Vernon Highway in Sandy Springs and is very convenient for persons/dogs residing in the Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, North Buckhead, and East Cobb areas. We highly recommend Fido Fido for all but the most energetic large dogs that exhibit a rough play style, who may be better served at a day care that provides an expansive outdoor mulch or grass play area. Nevertheless, the vast majority of dogs and dog owners will appreciate the service and facilities provided by Fido Fido.


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