I have a new dog that we got at the Atlanta Humane Society. She is a bundle of energy most of the time. Willing always to please, and with that comes the energy of crazy! We have started classes for LaCie last month with Mark, and truly after the first session, I saw a difference in her behavior. By the 3rd class, I have a much calmer and obedient 12lb bundle of love, licks, and lots of positive progress in the obedience training. Mark has ” motivated myself, my husband, and LaCie to use techniques that work with positive results! Think I will try agility training next…

- Amy N. -

I moved here from Texas with a timid, skittish rescue girl. Although I didn’t find CPT right away I am very glad to have finally found my way down Roswell Road. Lucy could be a poster child for why it’s worth the effort. I like that Mark explains the psychology behind the actions, has homework for us and goals. Holly Schmidt totally turned around our agility training. Lucy was afraid of everything including her previous instructor. Holly took the time to let Lucy come to trust her. Holly goes way over and above whats expected to help us be successful. Lucy just attained her first agility title and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without the folks at CPT training and caring about me and my partner, Lucy.

- Cathy A. -

Thanks so much for your great teaching. We knew when we got Leila that we’d need training for her – and us! All of the literature on Huskies said they are energetic and willful. Since completing CPT Training she fits in great with our camping and hiking. Moreover, we know her good behavior in the house and with the neighborhood children is due to the schooling with you. I have been so impressed with your professionalism, knowledge, and understanding. You’re terrific!


- Dana L. -

I have been using CPT for three years to help train a service dog I was raising. I find their facility very convenient and their trainers to be extremely knowledgeable. The company has been very generous to the service dog community, which is greatly appreciated. I am also involved with them training for The Dog Project and with their help, my dog is a successful MRI dog! I highly recommend them for any level of dog training needed.

- Darlene C. -

CPT was fantastic. We brought Rocco, our GS puppy there. He learned so much!! He was so well trained that he never needed a leash, didn’t bark, didn’t jump, stayed for long period of time, and still maintained the GS protective traits. You have to do your homework to be successful! Looking forward to bringing our new GS puppy as soon as gets old enough.

- Debbie M. -

Dear CPT,
Recently we needed to board Lucy, our ten month old Labrador Retriever/Chow Chow mix foundling, for four days. Lucy is sweet tempered, social and very well intentioned. But, although we attended a basic obedience course, I did not spend any time outside of the one hour per week during class to train her to be obedient or easy to live with.

I did not hesitate to arrange to board Lucy with Annette Redner, a CPT trainer who kept Lucy previously during vacation time. Lucy very clearly enjoyed her earlier stay immensely. We liked how she was able to spend time outdoors and in the company of Annette’s pets. After a great deal of thought about the additional investment, we decided to ask Annette to also train Lucy during this stay to respond to the basic obedience commands and (her habit of the greatest social aggravation) to STOP JUMPING ON PEOPLE!

Annete interviewed me thoroughly as we made our arrangements before delivering Lucy so that Annette could have a sense of Lucy’s current behaviors and we would all understand our expectations for the training. Annette was familiar with Lucy and agreed that she should be a good candidate for training. We extended Lucy’s stay with Annette to nine days, and hoped.

We picked Lucy up four days ago. Annette spent almost two hours giving us a course in Dog Psychology 101, including training us to use the appropriate commands at the right times, even how to position ourselves and what not to do. Not only does Lucy now respond to the four basics of Sit, Down, Stay and Come, but at least three others that I can now think of and SHE DOES NOT JUMP ON PEOPLE!

Annette’s training exceeded all of our expectations. Lucy was happy when we picked her up and obviously had been treated with kindness and love during her stay. Of course, we knew we must continue to practice with Lucy and use the knowledge that Annette gave us. We have enrolled again in CPT’s eight week basic obedience course that is included in our price for a board train. I would not hesitate to recommend CPT’s programs and Annette Redner in particular. You and she may certainly use me or this letter as a reference.

Very truly yours,

- Debra C. -

Dear CPT,
My Katrina dog and I have been through beginner, intermediate, and advanced obedience at CPT. We have also taken beginner agility and are now enrolled in intermediate agility. We have had a great time! It was especially fun for both of us to hike off-leash during the advanced class. The best was seeing him go for his first swim during class. The look on his face when he realized he could swim with the big dogs was priceless. CPT is the best.

Thank for everything,

- Donna S. -

I have taken two dogs through the CPT program and have had good results (better if I only practiced more :)). This team of canine experts delivers solid training emphasizing positive reinforcement and fun for the dog. I highly recommend.

- Elizabeth J. -

I have taken both of my dogs to CPT for beginner and intermediate obedience, beginner and intermediate agility, canine good citizen, private lessons, and boarding. I have worked with 4 different trainers (Mark, Patricia, Alex, and Karen) and they are all very knowledgeable and competent. They will recommend different methods or training supplies depending on the dog s personality and temperament to make sure that the appropriate methods are being used to address each dog s different learning abilities. All of the trainers have been willing to stay after class for additional questions. I appreciate that they do not use a single training method on all dogs but instead adapt the training methods needed to the dog-I use different equipment and methods on my dogs who have opposite temperaments (one is very energetic and friendly and the other is very shy). They were also taken care of very well when boarded- they were given ample play time, given baths, and didn’t have to stay in noisy, stressful kennels like at the vet. I have worked with 2 other training companies at different times before I came to CPT and the other companies were very one dimensional and did not come close to matching the quality of training at CPT. Their prices are also very reasonable and well worth it. I highly recommend CPT.

- Ellen G. -

Dear CPT,
Tom and I want to let you know what a great job we feel your trainer, Patricia McDonnell, has done with our dog Lucy.

As you are aware, Lucy exhibited a lot of fear aggression towards people prior to her week at “doggie camp” with Patricia. While she is not yet 100% trained, we are totally amazed at the difference in her. She is a different dog, much better than we had hoped for.

We actually cringed while writing the check for her boarding training, but we are so thankful we made the decision to do this.

Please tell your clients not to give up on their fear-aggressive animals before trying the boarding training – even 1 week can make a huge difference.

Thanks again to Patricia, Karen, and you for helping us keep our dog and our sanity!


- Elyse & Tom C. -

What a pleasure it is to have Well Mannered dogs! We learned what to do and why and our Girls have become model family members. Mark and his CPT staff are first rate and the outcome has been better than we expected. Don’t think twice, call Mark at CPT.

- Frank & Charlene A. -

I have lived in Atlanta for 15 years and have taken all of my dogs to CPT for training. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. We have done everything from puppy class to basic obedience to beginner agility. Mark and his staff really know dogs. While many dog trainers treat the different approaches to training like religion (my way or the highway), CPT trainers know that different dogs need different techniques. If a particular approach is not working, they will help you find one that does. CPT strongly favors positive methods, but even within the all-positive school, there are many different ways to implement it. CPT does them all!

- Greg B. -

Seven years ago I retired from the Army and adopted a 3 yr old German Shepherd named Bianka. We were having issues with her and my cats, apparently she had never seen a cat before and I was worried about my cats! Mark came to my house and gave me basic rules to follow with her and showed me how to gradually introduce the cats and the dog. It took a few weeks of training for me to feel comfortable with her around the cats. But now, seven years later, I still have my 3 cats and Bianka and all get along just fine. Actually my oldest cat and her snuggle together all the time now! Job well done Mark! I highly recommend him!

- Jana G. -

I have two dogs who have both been “customers” of CPT over the last 3 years. From the Puppy Class, to Intermediate Training, to Board Training, to vacation boarding and personal training sessions – they have always exceeded my expectations. Mark Spivak, the owner, is like “the dog whisperer”! He communicates with dogs on a level like I’ve never seen. They respond by listening and choosing to please. His understanding of dogs and his ability to diagnose and resolve issues is uncanny. He has always been knowledgeable and professional with me (the 2-legged customer!. Andrea Stark has board trained one of my dogs, she vacation boards both of them, and has done a few personal training sessions with me. I have referred her services to several of my friends who use her exclusively for boarding their dogs. Andrea’s patience and gentle demeanor with my pets allows them to trust her. And there is no one I trust with my “kidz” when I am out of town – but her! When my dogs are at “Camp Andrea’s”, I can relax and enjoy my vacation knowing they are in the best of hands. I highly recommend CPT for any services relative to dogs – they are outstanding!

- Janne M. -

Mark did a one on one with our new puppy. He was great and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend CPT.

- John H. -

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