Going to CPT was the best decision we made for our dog, Balou (rat terrier). We adopted Balou when he was 4 months old and shortly after we discovered he had some aggression issues towards other dogs and strangers. We enrolled Balou in the Puppy Class at CPT, which we loved; however, Balou wasn’t quite ready for that kind of exposure to other dogs. One of the other couples in the Puppy Class told us about Mark Spivak (owner of CPT) and how he had helped one of their friends whose dog had aggression issues. So we decided to move forward with private lessons. We were committed to doing whatever was best for our little boy.

Over the next few months we had 4-5 private lessons with Mark and worked on several different drills to address separation anxiety, fear aggression towards dogs and people, anxiety, as well as leadership training for me (my husband was clearly the alpha male and Balou would not listen to me). At each lesson we learned a lot of helpful tools and the leadership training for me was life changing. It has made such a big difference.

Balou has definitely made a lot of progress and we owe Mark and his team to that success. We still have some things we need to work on but Mark provided us with the tools to help Balou and in due time we believe his aggression will be minimal. What dogs need most is consistency and unfortunately with our living arrangement at this time we haven’t been able to give that to Balou. But we are very hopeful for the future:-) Our goal is to get Balou in a group class, and we’re going to make that happen!

Dear CPT,
My 7 month old puppy, Pooh, and I recently completed our eight week obedience/training course with Karen. I am a first time dog owner, and needless to say, was desperate for all the help and training I could find. Karen came to our rescue! She was a true blessing to our family. Karen not only helped me to train Pooh, she did a fantastic job at getting me trained, also. Her patience, kindness, expertise and professionalism will continue to impress me for a long time. Prior to her arrival, I was not sure that I was meant to have a dog in my life. I felt out of control and resentful towards Pooh. Karen offered several options to some difficult situations, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Thank you for offering this one on one course, for having someone like Karen to do such a great job, and mostly for allowing me the tools to learn to love my dog more than I thought imaginable. Please extend my thanks to Karen, also.

I will continue to recommend your company to friends, neighbors, and family for their entire dog training needs.

With best regards,

- Julie J (and Pooh, of course!) -

Dear CPT,
This memo is to let you know how pleased we are with the progress Chooii has made since his boarding training. He was with Jeanie for 14 days beginning 6/29. During that time period Jeanie reinforced commands that Chooii knew, but selectively obeyed. In addition, Jeanie taught him many new commands. Several especially irritating behavioral problems were corrected, eating everything from bugs to pine cones, gnawing on family members and friends whenever we tried to pet him, jumping up on people, etc. Jeanie is an excellent trainer with a very professional and friendly personality. It is almost unbelievable how we were immediately able to take casual family walks in the park, and not have Chooii eating everything, tugging, and pulling on the leash.

Now, we are attending the group session to reinforce Chooii’s learning, and to teach the family members some new dog tricks. I wonder why there is that old saying that “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. We certainly are learning a lot of “new tricks” from the staff at CPT.

We had actually considered giving up on Chooii. Therefore, Comprehensive Pet Therapy and Jeanie have been real dog savers.

Thank You,

- Judy M. -

Thanks so much for your great teaching. We knew when we got Leila that we’d need training for her – and us! All of the literature on Huskies said they are energetic and willful. Since completing CPT Training she fits in great with our camping and hiking. Moreover, we know her good behavior in the house and with the neighborhood children is due to the schooling with you. I have been so impressed with your professionalism, knowledge, and understanding. You’re terrific!


- Dana L. -

I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the Beginner Class Lui and I recently graduated from in Acworth. Lui is my first attempt at an indoor dog and we both had so much to learn. The Beginner Class gave us a great foundation.

I especially appreciate the quality of your trainers. Jessa and Krista are knowledgable, patient and show a genuine interest in each individual. They are positive and motivating. When I found out they would be instructing the Intermediate Class, I said, “Sign me up!”

Enclosed please find my check. Thanks so much.


- Kimberly C. -

Dear CPT,
My Katrina dog and I have been through beginner, intermediate, and advanced obedience at CPT. We have also taken beginner agility and are now enrolled in intermediate agility. We have had a great time! It was especially fun for both of us to hike off-leash during the advanced class. The best was seeing him go for his first swim during class. The look on his face when he realized he could swim with the big dogs was priceless. CPT is the best.

Thank for everything,

- Donna S. -

I have two dogs who have both been “customers” of CPT over the last 3 years. From the Puppy Class, to Intermediate Training, to Board Training, to vacation boarding and personal training sessions – they have always exceeded my expectations. Mark Spivak, the owner, is like “the dog whisperer”! He communicates with dogs on a level like I’ve never seen. They respond by listening and choosing to please. His understanding of dogs and his ability to diagnose and resolve issues is uncanny. He has always been knowledgeable and professional with me (the 2-legged customer!. Andrea Stark has board trained one of my dogs, she vacation boards both of them, and has done a few personal training sessions with me. I have referred her services to several of my friends who use her exclusively for boarding their dogs. Andrea’s patience and gentle demeanor with my pets allows them to trust her. And there is no one I trust with my “kidz” when I am out of town – but her! When my dogs are at “Camp Andrea’s”, I can relax and enjoy my vacation knowing they are in the best of hands. I highly recommend CPT for any services relative to dogs – they are outstanding!

- Janne M. -

I highly recommend CPT for dog training! My dog just loves training there and I do too! The owner, Mark, is a canine expert when it comes to obedience, agility, or doggie behavior. The staff is also knowledgeable, courteous, and along with Mark, has earned numerous obedience and agility titles and awards. If you want your dog trained by the best in the business, contact CPT today!!! Because of the training we received at CPT, I have a well-socialized dog with exceptional manners that I can take anywhere. Kudos to Mark and his talented staff! Leesa PS…My dog enjoys training in their air-conditioned facility during the hot Atlanta summers!


- Leesa W. -

When we decided to get a new puppy, Mark (owner of CPT) spent a considerable amount of time with us advising on how to evaluate and select the puppy from the litter. I mean, they are all cute – how do you pick the right one? He patiently answered all of our questions and gave good advice based on his vast experience. We also read the articles on the CPT website, which were like the jackpot for information we needed. We did the Puppy class with Andrea – it was so valuable for our dog to learn how to socialize safely with other dogs. When we went on vacation, we did board training with Mark. When we picked up our dog, he was completely different – in a good way! He was a lot calmer in the house and seemed to have matured from a goofy puppy-brain to a thinking, obedient dog. I give thumbs up to CPT!

- Kristen & Lanny N. -

Mark(owner) and his staff are knowledgeable, friendly, professional and accommodating. Mark spent quality time with me and my puppy evaluating her temperament. We have done private training with Patricia and have been very pleased with the positive reinforcement training techniques. They are very patient and detailed in their training explanations. Mark and his staff are very talented and their love for the animals shines through in all they do!

- Kim C. -

My husband and I adopted a dog in November from a rescue group. She was just a pup and had little or no obedience training in the past. We signed up for group classes to help with Sheba’s overall obedience. However, Sheba had other issues that we wanted worked on that we did not expect to be covered in a group session. Therefore, we had Mark join us at our home to assist us with some overall issues that Sheba had. Less than 24 hours after our one on one private lesson and 1 group lesson from the week prior, Sheba is the best dog ever. She is able to go off leash, follows all her commands, and has become the best dog I have ever owned. We fully intend on registering her for all of the additional obedience classes and agility. We are even considering having her compete, too! Thanks for the awesome training!

- Julianne & Todd M. -

Mark Spivak, CPT’s owner, came to our house to work with our dog Junior, a stray American Eskimo Dog with virtually no training. Mark was courteous, professional, and effective. He never raised his voice or did anything to make me uncomfortable with him and Junior and our other dog, CoCo. I was unsure about exactly how I wanted Junior to improve; Mark quickly formulated a methodology for Junior (and CoCo), patiently demonstrated how to implement it, and politely critiqued my efforts. I have read many dog training books and have worked with other trainers, with middling results. Mark’s methods worked immediately, with no roughness or unpleasantness. I recommend CPT unreservedly.

- Susie B. -

I took my Lab Jake for Beginner Obedience several years ago but did not finish due to my crazy schedule at the time. However, after only about half of the classes, he had learned the basics, so I was happy. I most recently took my Rottie, Alexa, for Beginner with Andrea, Intermediate with Patricia, and Beginner Agility with Holly. I cannot rave enough about them, especially Holly, who has gone far beyond the call of duty for my Rottie. But then again, I’ve found that is a pretty typical attitude of the folks at CPT. I have also had a few individual sessions as well and have boarded my dogs on the “farm”. These folks are all very dedicated trainers with years of experience who truly have a heart for dogs and know how to effectively communicate. Everything is based on positive reinforcement and they make the training enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Private sessions are really good for specific issues that can’t be addressed in a class setting. The fees are quite reasonable. I’ve had a lot of dogs over the years and have had many different trainers and by far, the folks at CPT are top notch. At some point down the road, I’ll be bringing my dogs back for a brush up class – well worth the time and money.

- Linda H. -

Our whole family benefited from the obedience classes with Mark (the owner) for our miniature poodle. Our whole family (including my 2 pre-teen kids) participated and learned how to have a closer relationship with our dog. Eventually, my 9-year old daughter was able to compete and get an obedience title and also learned agility. Holly, our agility instructor, was fantastic and extremely patient and loving with my daughter during the training sessions. We also board our dog with them whenever we go on our vacations and feel confident that she will get plenty of freedom and love during our absence rather than being caged in a crate most of the day. Fantastic Place!

- Margaret C. -

I moved here from Texas with a timid, skittish rescue girl. Although I didn’t find CPT right away I am very glad to have finally found my way down Roswell Road. Lucy could be a poster child for why it’s worth the effort. I like that Mark explains the psychology behind the actions, has homework for us and goals. Holly Schmidt totally turned around our agility training. Lucy was afraid of everything including her previous instructor. Holly took the time to let Lucy come to trust her. Holly goes way over and above whats expected to help us be successful. Lucy just attained her first agility title and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without the folks at CPT training and caring about me and my partner, Lucy.

- Cathy A. -

I signed up for in home training with Mark after my two year old lab was exhibiting unwanted dominant behaviors that were out of control. The turnaround I have seen in my dog since the training is phenomenal. He’s easier to walk, listens to me, and is all around a much happier dog. Yes, there is still lots to work on, but Mark truly helped me find new ways to effectively communicate with my dog and did so in a manner that was easy to understand and didn’t make me feel defensive. The difference in my dog brings tears of joy to my eyes making this money spent on private in home training worth every penny!

- Valerie B. -

What a pleasure it is to have Well Mannered dogs! We learned what to do and why and our Girls have become model family members. Mark and his CPT staff are first rate and the outcome has been better than we expected. Don’t think twice, call Mark at CPT.

- Frank & Charlene A. -

Our sweet, friendly dog was teased and tormented by a teenager when I left him in the car for a few minutes. When I came out I caught this kid in the act of scary our dog so much that he had left anal excretions in the car. He went from trusting everyone to being aggressive to everyone and scared of any quick moves. We were in classes at CPT and one of the instructors suggested that we have a training session with Mark. In one session he gave me the tools to work with my dog. He set up scenarios right there in the office to show me what to do in different situations! With these new tools I worked with my dog and gave him his confidence back and he has a happy face once again! I have always had dogs, even though I tried to fix our problem, nothing I did seemed to work. I was really worried. I am so delighted that I took the class with Mark. We have been in 3 different types of classes at CPT and all of the instructors are professional, have patience and completely use positive reinforcement. We are taking an agility class now and are having so much fun! We will continue taking classes if nothing else for fun and socialization! Never could have done this without Mark and his staff!

- Kaye G -

A friend recommended CPT for help with our young pit bull mix named Belle. Immediately after rescuing Belle we realized we had some major work to do! We started with Beginner Obedience class, then moved on to the Intermediate Obedience Class and now are signing up for Agility Class! We have also done the board training with Melissa and an in home private lesson with Mark on dog aggression. As you can see I can’t get enough of CPT! I am so lucky to have found this group of trainers as they have vastly improved the behavior of my dog. Having her know the basic commands has done wonders….we now speak the same language! She loves to be challenged and loves the personal attention. I love it because she respects me as her leader and that affects how she walks on a leash to how she treats our cat and our young son. She is also making progress with her dog aggression issues thanks to Mark’s practical training exercises that I can now do on my own. Our bond has grow significantly in that last few months. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and give you real life training tools. I now recommend CPT to all my fellow dog lovers! Give them a shot….you won’t be sorry.


- Kelly C. and Belle -

My kids and I had such a good experience with our trainer, Karen. She’s encouraging and clear…a really neat person who learned all the dogs and owners’ names and left us feeling like we were in the competent hands of a professional. Incredibly patient and specific in her instruction. Great experience for our whole family!

- Martha K. -

We have been delighted with the improved behavior in our cat, Sasha, since having one therapy session with head trainer Mark Spivak. We believe Sasha had been poorly treated prior to our rescuing her from a shelter. While she seemed to seek affection, she would snap and actually bite whenever we reached down to pet her. Our friends were afraid of her. Mark gave us advice on how to minimize Sasha’s stress, such as removing her from the room when very active children were present. He also taught us a drill to help Sasha associate being petted with positive outcomes.

We observed a marked improvement in Sasha’s behavior within five days of Mark’s visit. When I came in the door from work and Sasha started wanting attention, she actually allowed me to reach down and pet her! Previously, she hadn’t been happy unless I lay on the floor and let her climb on top of me. Only then would she purr and let me pet her.

I have tried to keep Sasha out of the room when I tutor particularly antsy kids who are in her face all the time. She hasn’t liked being put in the basement, but I think it’s preferable to feeling harassed. I’ve told the students who I do keep around Sasha that she is easily scared and we need to wait for her to come to us. I’ve also asked them not to pet her. This has worked pretty well.

I’m convinced that the pet-click-praise-treat method has made a significant difference in Sasha’s demeanor.

Thank you so much. Your help was worth every penny!


- Sharon M. -

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