CPT Alpharetta

CPT’s Alpharetta location is one of our five that offers home-based boarding and

boarding training. This is a valuable and important service for pet parents who will

on occasion or with regularity be boarding their dog.

Our program, serving the greater Atlanta metro area and Alpharetta for your

boarding and boarding training needs, makes you a part of the process of getting

your pet accustomed to boarding. It can take a few days or a few weeks, but the

comfort it provides both pet parent and pet cannot be overstated.

Imagine leaving your animal and not having to worry about his/her separation

anxiety or ability to get along with other animals in a new environment. This is

peace of mind for both of you!

The value in boarding training is in part due to its gentle pace. Since your dog is

boarded, your time commitment is flexible. The trainer gets plenty of time with

your dog. And then the rules that the training puts in place can be reinforced by

the committed pet parent when you get home.

Our trainers work to instill basic obedience and common behavior problems, such

as excessive barking, chewing, inappropriate elimination and separation anxiety.

Our convenient Alpharetta location also offers the full menu of CPT’s excellent

services, including obedience training (beginner, intermediate, advanced), agility

training, growl class and private instruction. CPT’s highly accomplished staff

ensures that training is fun and successful. All CPT Head Trainers and the majority

of CPT Staff Trainers have titled dogs in competition and earned collegiate

degrees, including graduate degrees, with high GPAs. Moreover, all our trainers

are highly educated and experienced regarding teaching basic obedience skills

and resolving common household behavioral problems. Furthermore, our staff is

not only educated on how to teach the skills and resolve the problems, they are

taught how to communicate effectively to our clients in one-on-one and small

group conversations and how to impart large group lectures that are organized,

informative, productive, and entertaining. Our skilled staff and effectively

designed programs will deliver you a lifetime of pleasure from your canine

companion. Close to 50,000 human and canine teams have graduated from CPT’s

Group, Private, and Board Training programs.

Since CPT conducts boarding and board training from trainer homes, we do not

publish the specific addresses, other than for clients with scheduled reservations.

To learn more about CPT’s boarding and board training services or to make a

reservation, please contact CPT by phone at 404-236-2150.

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