CPT Roswell

Serving Roswell and northern Fulton County, CPT in Roswell provides a full range

of excellent services, including obedience training (beginner, intermediate,

advanced), agility training, growl class and private instruction. CPT’s highly

accomplished staff ensures that training is fun and successful.

All CPT Head Trainers and the majority of CPT Staff Trainers have titled dogs in

competition and earned collegiate degrees, including graduate degrees, with high

GPAs. Moreover, all our trainers are highly educated and experienced regarding

teaching basic obedience skills and resolving common household behavioral


Chihuahua or Mastiff, puppy or senior, basic obedience or off-leash obedience,

confident or anxious, friendly or aggressive, we can teach your young or old dog

new “tricks” and improve his/her behavior. All it takes is patience, persistence,

and the guidance of a professional CPT Trainer.

Your dog will enjoy pleasing you.  Moreover, it is rare when a CPT trained dog

does not meet his/her owner’s objectives.  So, make jumping, pulling,

housebreaking accidents, chewing, barking, anxiety, and/or aggression a thing of

the past and make obedience, a calm demeanor, confidence, and increased

pleasure a thing of the future.

Our staff is not only educated on how to teach the skills and resolve the

problems, they are taught how to communicate effectively to our clients in one-

on-one and small group conversations and how to impart large group lectures

that are organized, informative, productive, and entertaining. Our skilled staff and

effectively designed programs will deliver you a lifetime of pleasure from your

canine companion. Nearly 50,000 human and canine teams have graduated from

CPT’s Group, Private, and Board Training programs (boarding and board training

are offered at five other locations) in and around Roswell and all of Atlanta and

the surrounding Atlanta metro area.

Pets can bring great joy, comfort, and love to our lives.  Nevertheless, a well-

behaved pet is certainly more pleasant company than is an ill-mannered,

obstreperous, or rambunctious pet. Effective training improves the

communication between you and your pet and strengthens the human-animal


There are a number of avenues for training your dog at CPT, including group

classes, private instruction, in-home private instruction, remote private

instruction, and board training (offered at five other locations). Call us now at

404-236-2150 for the best in dog training in Roswell and the Atlanta metro area.

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