Debra C.

Dear CPT,
Recently we needed to board Lucy, our ten month old Labrador Retriever/Chow Chow mix foundling, for four days. Lucy is sweet tempered, social and very well intentioned. But, although we attended a basic obedience course, I did not spend any time outside of the one hour per week during class to train her to be obedient or easy to live with.

I did not hesitate to arrange to board Lucy with Annette Redner, a CPT trainer who kept Lucy previously during vacation time. Lucy very clearly enjoyed her earlier stay immensely. We liked how she was able to spend time outdoors and in the company of Annette’s pets. After a great deal of thought about the additional investment, we decided to ask Annette to also train Lucy during this stay to respond to the basic obedience commands and (her habit of the greatest social aggravation) to STOP JUMPING ON PEOPLE!

Annete interviewed me thoroughly as we made our arrangements before delivering Lucy so that Annette could have a sense of Lucy’s current behaviors and we would all understand our expectations for the training. Annette was familiar with Lucy and agreed that she should be a good candidate for training. We extended Lucy’s stay with Annette to nine days, and hoped.

We picked Lucy up four days ago. Annette spent almost two hours giving us a course in Dog Psychology 101, including training us to use the appropriate commands at the right times, even how to position ourselves and what not to do. Not only does Lucy now respond to the four basics of Sit, Down, Stay and Come, but at least three others that I can now think of and SHE DOES NOT JUMP ON PEOPLE!

Annette’s training exceeded all of our expectations. Lucy was happy when we picked her up and obviously had been treated with kindness and love during her stay. Of course, we knew we must continue to practice with Lucy and use the knowledge that Annette gave us. We have enrolled again in CPT’s eight week basic obedience course that is included in our price for a board train. I would not hesitate to recommend CPT’s programs and Annette Redner in particular. You and she may certainly use me or this letter as a reference.

Very truly yours,

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