Ellen G.

I have taken both of my dogs to CPT for beginner and intermediate obedience, beginner and intermediate agility, canine good citizen, private lessons, and boarding. I have worked with 4 different trainers (Mark, Patricia, Alex, and Karen) and they are all very knowledgeable and competent. They will recommend different methods or training supplies depending on the dog s personality and temperament to make sure that the appropriate methods are being used to address each dog s different learning abilities. All of the trainers have been willing to stay after class for additional questions. I appreciate that they do not use a single training method on all dogs but instead adapt the training methods needed to the dog-I use different equipment and methods on my dogs who have opposite temperaments (one is very energetic and friendly and the other is very shy). They were also taken care of very well when boarded- they were given ample play time, given baths, and didn’t have to stay in noisy, stressful kennels like at the vet. I have worked with 2 other training companies at different times before I came to CPT and the other companies were very one dimensional and did not come close to matching the quality of training at CPT. Their prices are also very reasonable and well worth it. I highly recommend CPT.

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