Judy M.

Dear CPT,
This memo is to let you know how pleased we are with the progress Chooii has made since his boarding training. He was with Jeanie for 14 days beginning 6/29. During that time period Jeanie reinforced commands that Chooii knew, but selectively obeyed. In addition, Jeanie taught him many new commands. Several especially irritating behavioral problems were corrected, eating everything from bugs to pine cones, gnawing on family members and friends whenever we tried to pet him, jumping up on people, etc. Jeanie is an excellent trainer with a very professional and friendly personality. It is almost unbelievable how we were immediately able to take casual family walks in the park, and not have Chooii eating everything, tugging, and pulling on the leash.

Now, we are attending the group session to reinforce Chooii’s learning, and to teach the family members some new dog tricks. I wonder why there is that old saying that “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. We certainly are learning a lot of “new tricks” from the staff at CPT.

We had actually considered giving up on Chooii. Therefore, Comprehensive Pet Therapy and Jeanie have been real dog savers.

Thank You,

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