Julianne & Todd M.

My husband and I adopted a dog in November from a rescue group. She was just a pup and had little or no obedience training in the past. We signed up for group classes to help with Sheba’s overall obedience. However, Sheba had other issues that we wanted worked on that we did not expect to be covered in a group session. Therefore, we had Mark join us at our home to assist us with some overall issues that Sheba had. Less than 24 hours after our one on one private lesson and 1 group lesson from the week prior, Sheba is the best dog ever. She is able to go off leash, follows all her commands, and has become the best dog I have ever owned. We fully intend on registering her for all of the additional obedience classes and agility. We are even considering having her compete, too! Thanks for the awesome training!

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