Kaye G

Our sweet, friendly dog was teased and tormented by a teenager when I left him in the car for a few minutes. When I came out I caught this kid in the act of scary our dog so much that he had left anal excretions in the car. He went from trusting everyone to being aggressive to everyone and scared of any quick moves. We were in classes at CPT and one of the instructors suggested that we have a training session with Mark. In one session he gave me the tools to work with my dog. He set up scenarios right there in the office to show me what to do in different situations! With these new tools I worked with my dog and gave him his confidence back and he has a happy face once again! I have always had dogs, even though I tried to fix our problem, nothing I did seemed to work. I was really worried. I am so delighted that I took the class with Mark. We have been in 3 different types of classes at CPT and all of the instructors are professional, have patience and completely use positive reinforcement. We are taking an agility class now and are having so much fun! We will continue taking classes if nothing else for fun and socialization! Never could have done this without Mark and his staff!

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