Kristen & Lanny N.

When we decided to get a new puppy, Mark (owner of CPT) spent a considerable amount of time with us advising on how to evaluate and select the puppy from the litter. I mean, they are all cute – how do you pick the right one? He patiently answered all of our questions and gave good advice based on his vast experience. We also read the articles on the CPT website, which were like the jackpot for information we needed. We did the Puppy class with Andrea – it was so valuable for our dog to learn how to socialize safely with other dogs. When we went on vacation, we did board training with Mark. When we picked up our dog, he was completely different – in a good way! He was a lot calmer in the house and seemed to have matured from a goofy puppy-brain to a thinking, obedient dog. I give thumbs up to CPT!

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