Lisa L.

I am a roughly 5’4” 115 lb girl who is the only owner of a 70lb golden doodle. This was fine until my dog started getting ear infections. He was downright violent about letting me put his ear drops in. I’m so small there wasn’t anything I could do to control him. When he bit my hand, I knew I needed professional help. My vet suggested that I sedate my dog for two weeks while he was on the drops. But to me this felt cruel and like it wouldn’t even help the problem. When I met with Mark for the first time he had a clear plan for how we were going to fix this behavior. In thirty minutes, he had my dog sitting like a perfect gentleman and letting me put the drops in. This was a week ago. Since then, I’ve been following his instructions at home and my dog has only improved. Even when we went to the vet, the behavior transferred. The vet could not believe my dog’s behavior change. The vet techs were all super relieved they wouldn’t have to be holding him down again. She even asked for Mark’s card. I cannot recommend Mark and CPT enough. I would suggest him to any of my friends and plan to use him again in the future.

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