Olivia D.

I’m so grateful to this company for helping Baylor (my service dog) and I. Not even once did I feel uncomfortable sharing with them what I needed. I never felt judged or misunderstood and I trusted 100% that Baylor was in the best possible hands. The second time Lisa (a trainer with CPT) came to get Baylor for board training, Baylor ran out to Lisa’s truck and didn’t look back at mom or home even once! That really floored me. Baylor is so attached to me, and I have to admit I was a bit jealous that she loved Lisa that much! 🙂 That moment totally silenced any questions in the back of my mind about how Baylor was getting on when she was hanging out with Lisa. Clearly they have a really special bond and Lisa has an awesome gift working with dogs. Baylor is not the same dog she was in January, and it’s all thanks to Lisa. I want to also comment on how dramatically Baylor changed each time she had her board training. The first board train, she came home much quieter and able to focus with a very expanded repertoire of commands and things to work on. However, in public she was still kind of distracted around other dogs and I don’t think she fully understood her job. This is totally understandable, since she had only spent 6 weeks with Lisa. The second board train she did was for 5 weeks and Baylor came back a dog ready to WORK. She can now restrain herself from being wild to absolutely calm in seconds. I am amazed at how many new things Lisa taught her in such a short time. Baylor is learning Heel, Back, has mastered the Stand/Stay, does a great Visit, and her Lean is perfect. I am thrilled with Baylor’s progress and I take her with me proudly. We are an awesome team now, and I think she is a great ambassador to other service dog teams and pit bulls. Even when she’s not working, we get so many compliments on her good behavior and how sweet she is. I am so, so thankful to CPT. On another note, I am on the lowest dose of medication I’ve ever been on, and my psychiatrist and I are considering tapering me off of it completely. I have no doubt that this is entirely due to how much Baylor has been helping me since her training.

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