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I have trained two dogs with them, and they both came out well trained. They have the right approach to training dogs, not only are the dogs trained, but the owners too! That’s important in order to keep your dog trained properly.

I have trained two dogs with them, and they both came out well trained. They have the right approach to training dogs, not only are the dogs trained, but the owners too! That’s important in order to keep your dog trained properly.

My dog and I have completed 2 obedience classes with CPT (beg and intermediate obedience). The classes are taught along a very established curriculum which includes a written description of what you are learning each week and homework. Great to reference even after you complete the course, with details that let you go back and work on any skills you may have forgotten. The trainers use non-threatening methods and positive reinforcement. Their methods are fun and effective. At the beginner level, I learned alot from the other dogs and owners. We all make mistakes – being in a group class you learn from everyone’s experience. The instructor does a great job of sharing what he is thinking and why he handles a situation the way he does – that allows you the student to understand why you are doing something, vs just memorizing what to do. The intermediate class gets more fun, as the exercises get harder and more complex, sometimes with a little competition for fun.

I have been a happy CPT customer for over 10 years. My dog became aggressive with me and I was afraid that I would have to place him with another family. I had an in-home private lesson with one of the CPT trainers who taught me cognitive methods (not using physical force) to gain my dog’s respect and acquire control over him. After that, I signed up for beginner group lessons with Mark Spivak – a genius with animals! It is amazing how quickly he can assess an animal’s temperament, and then tailor his training methods to that particular animal, based on its personality. I saw such an amazing improvement in my dog’s behavior after the beginner class that I signed up for the intermediate class with Mark and realized that my dog had a strong aptitude for obedience training and actually loved it! In fact, I found the group classes and homework assignments to be a fabulous bonding experience for my dog and me. He became a wonderful pet and because it was fun, we continued to train and went on to achieve several obedience titles under Mark’s guidance. I also did board training with Mark, and found the progress my dog made while with Mark was light years beyond what I could have done on my own. I will continue to recommend CPT to my friends and family with highest praise, and I’m excited to start obedience training with my new puppy at CPT!

The owner is great and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend either training classes or boarding training. Your dog will be much more attentive and well-behaved.

Our dog has been through three series of classes and all have been well done. The trainers really know their stuff and the classes are fun for us and the pup. Highly recommended.

Mark, the owner, really cares about you receiving the best training for your particular pet’s needs. I have done boarding training and a basic obedience class. Both were excellent – my Mighty Max responded well to this training. I recommended my brother and his new puppy – they are also doing well in their training too!

We brought our puppy to CPT for basic training and he learned so much! In the first few classes our dog was the trouble maker of the group, but by the time the course was over, he was the most improved pooch there. He learned to sit, lay down, and stay all on command. With expert help from the instructors our dog was obeying our directions without any hesitation! The staff seems to really enjoy working with pets and interacting with the owners. This training school has exactly what dog owners are looking for!

We completed beginner and intermediate obedience with different instructors and have had great results every time. The dogs love it there, too, and learn a lot from the time spent in class.

We took two group classes. They were GREAT. And I’ve been in other group classes at other places in the past.

We used them to train Molly and she really learned alot in the class. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

We took our dog to CPT classes when she was a puppy and it really helped. The teachers are great and the basic concepts are easily picked up by most dogs. They are also able to come to your home and help with certain issues you may be having with your pet.

We took our Beagle for Beginner Training and had great success with the program and after 8 weeks we are very happy with the results.

My dog’s behavioral problems have gone away.

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