Vicky K.

Dear CPT,
Thank you so much for helping our family with the training (and understanding) of Chevas and Jackson. Chevas has greatly improved in the past year and, thanks to your help and training, he is the best dog I have ever had. Jack is still learning, but improving quickly. I look forward to eventually titling both of our dogs in competition obedience.

I want to also thank Mark for the private lesson on aggression. David and I have been working on both dogs with the aggression problems we have been experiencing and they seem to be working well.

CPT is a great place and I am thankful that I came upon it. David and I are so pleased with the results we have gained from CPT training and we will highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to take their dog through obedience classes.

Have a great holiday and we look forward to seeing you next year!


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