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Looking for dog training classes in Bartow GA? Don’t fret! CPT has your back! Our trainers boast years of experience and expertise in competition training, obedience instruction, as well as behavioral issues prevention. We are positive that we can offer the ultimate services for you and your dog because we have five flourishing boarding and training facilities throughout Georgia.

Thanks to our qualified dog trainers, CPT is one of the leading dog training services in the area. At CPT, our team of trainers have a profound amount of experience in prepping titled dogs for competitions and teaching basic canine behaviors. We prioritize boosting obedience skills as well as handling physical training and behavioral issues.

Here at CPT, we understand that the teaching technique that yields the most success for your four-legged friend is of paramount importance. That’s why we’ve developed a range of pet training courses to suit any budget; already aiding over 50,000 human and canine teams through our group, private or board training programs – all with impressive results!

Group Training 

Our group dog training classes throughout Georgia can help you save money and introduce your pet to some new companions! Our puppy training classes are an excellent opportunity for you to not only provide your furry friend with obedient skills, but also have a great time! We offer personalized attention from one of our expert trainers that will ensure both you and your pup get the most out of every lesson. Join us today and discover all the benefits waiting for you – and your pet!

Create a stronger bond between you and your dog, while improving their behavior with our group dog training classes in Bartow GA. We also offer canine good citizen classes for practical training and certification for general pet manners and therapy dog certification.

Private Instructions and In Home Lessons 

If your dog seems nervous, aggressive, or energetic around others, it may be more beneficial if they have their own private lessons. With this method, you have the flexibility to choose when and where your dog’s training should take place as it is fully in your control. At Bartow GA, our trainers are available for both on-site training at your home or virtual lessons with either one of our staff trainer or head trainer–both options come at a convenient hourly rate!

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To schedule an appointment or to find out more information about our dog training classes in Bartow GA, please fill out our client contact form or call us at (404) 236-2150. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or qualifications. Please have a look at our dog trainer resumes and qualifications here, as well as the areas in which we offer services.

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Veterinarians in Bartow GA

Ogeechee Veterinary Associates PC

  • Address: 1076 GA-24, Louisville, GA 30434
  • Phone: +14786253021

Swainsboro Animal Hospital

  • Address: 423 E Main St, Swainsboro, GA 30401
  • Phone: +14784191236

Sandersville Veterinary Clinic

  • Address: 507 Industrial Dr, Sandersville, GA 31082
  • Phone: +14785520016

McRae Veterinary Clinic

  • Address: 219 Lambs Bridge Rd, Swainsboro, GA 30401
  • Phone: +14782374036

Service Dog Training In Bartow GA

Our CPT trainers offer expert assistance dog training services, which can be a great benefit for those who are wheelchair bound, neurologically, orthopedically or hearing impaired. Our team of experienced dog trainers is here to help you! We specialize in helping people with physical disabilities, hearing impairments, autism support needs, mental health issues or seizure response requirements achieve success through our canine training services. Our methods have an outstanding track record for producing customised and exceptionally trained service dogs that meet the specific demands of each situation.

Dog Agility Training In Bartow GA

We also have a variety of agility training for dogs and dog agility equipment for you and your pet. Our canine agility class boasts a broad selection of courses to strengthen your pup’s capabilities, including jumping, hand signals, weaving and more. We recognize that all dogs learn differently – which is why we provide both private lessons and group classes tailored to suit each individual dog’s pace as well as its owner’s schedule. Head over to our website for details on pricing for every course available!

Dog Boarding Near Bartow GA

Our canine boarding facilities are the perfect option for your dog to get very close one on one interaction with our professional trainers. In only ten minutes per training session, we can by teaching your pets while you’re traveling – just like any other obedience class!

Cat Training In Bartow GA

Having trouble finding cat training in Bartow GA? We can provide it! We provide in-home private sessions for cat or kitten owners who want to improve their cats’ behavior and litter box training. Many individuals are shocked to learn that kitten training may help prevent future issues while also improving their pleasure level. Our aim is to provide both you and your pet with a better quality of life. The cost of our in-home private lessons is $120 per hour, and our trainers are highly qualified and experienced.

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