Chrissy Mattucci

Chrissy Mattucci formerly worked for CPT in Atlanta and has now opened CPT’s Eugene, Oregon location.  Chrissy’s preparation as a dog trainer started in 2005 with PetSmart, where she completed Petsmart’s corporate trainer certification program and soon became their most requested trainer in the Atlanta district.  Nevertheless, Chrissy did not stop there.  Since Chrissy has a personality that desires to constantly improve and excel, she continued her education by attending behavior modification seminars, training seminars, and clicker expos.  In 2008, she acquired status as a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Concurrent with functioning as a dog trainer while at PetSmart, Chrissy Mattucci moved up the corporate ladder.  She progressed from Department Manager to Presentation Manager to Operations Manager.  Next, in 2010 Chrissy started a higher income position with Home Depot, where she started as a Merchandising Execution Manager and was subsequently promoted to District Execution Manager.  Her impressive job responsibilities included the supervision of 14 managers and over 100 direct reports.

However, despite her success climbing the corporate ladder, Chrissy missed dog training.  Thus, after much contemplation and a lot of research, in 2016 she left Home Depot to commence employment with CPT.  Chrissy chose CPT because of reputation and the learning opportunities available from exposure to CPT’s elite trainers and canine behavioral researchers.  While at CPT Chrissy expanded her knowledge and her proficiency in multiple methodologies relevant to pet obedience, behavior modification, agility, and service dog training.  She also quickly became a highly popular trainer who frequently received accolades from CPT’s client base.

In recognition of Chrissy’s enthusiasm, work ethic, and client satisfaction, CPT selected Chrissy Mattucci as one of three staff trainers who participated in the National Geographic-Wild documentary “Puppy Days” that aired late in the 2016 season.  The series tracked the training and development of several puppies and puppy owners around the USA.   CPT was selected by National Geographic to educate the Atlanta puppy owners participating in the documentary series.  Chrissy board trained the puppy, Phoebe, that was featured in the series and she appeared for several on-camera interviews.

In 2017 Chrissy’s husband received an outstanding job opportunity at a radiology practice in Eugene, Oregon.  However, Atlanta’s loss will become Oregon’s gain, as given Chrissy’s education, background, and accomplishments, we have selected her as the first person to open a CPT satellite location.  Moreover, Chrissy believes a business and intellectual affiliation with CPT strengthens the pet training and behavior modification services she can provide pet owners in the Eugene metropolitan area.  Therefore, starting in April 2018 CPT will have locations both in Atlanta and in Eugene, Oregon.

Academically, Chrissy has a Bachelor’s degree from Emory University with a distinguished GPA of 3.85.  Like we wrote above, Chrissy has an innate desire to excel.  Thus, it should be no surprise that her academic prowess matches her results as a corporate manager and pet trainer.

In addition, Chrissy likes to give back to the community.  She has volunteered with multiple shelters and rescue organizations to improve the adoptability of available dogs.  Furthermore, she has been selected as a board member and executive director at several animal rescue organizations.  She has also volunteered with the United Way and Habitat for Humanity.

In her spare time Chrissy enjoys travel, including exploring the beautiful state of Oregon, live music, home renovations, and crafts.

Chrissy will commence CPT’s Eugene Oregon services by first offering private lesson, in-home private lesson, boarding, and board training services.  She will later add group classes and service dog training to the menu.  To schedule Chrissy for a private or in-home private appointment or a board train, please contact the central CPT office at 541-801-5916.

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