CPT offers Board Only services where we board your dog at a CPT Trainer’s home without the inclusion of training. We feature a home-based location within South Eugene.

Your pet will prefer the fenced yard, hours of daily playtime, and indoor companionship of CPT’s Board Only services to the loud, stressful, confining environment common to most kennels.

The price is $50 per day for your dog to reap the pleasures of CPT’s home-based Boarding.

Compare the extensive complimentary playtime and yard time included within CPT’s $50 standard daily rate to the extra $6 – $8 charge most kennels assess for each cursory walk or 20-minute play period. You will clearly see that CPT’s boarding services not only provide a higher quality of life for your dog, but also provide superior value.

  • Don’t let your dog veg in a kennel when you go on vacation!
  • CPT’s home-based boarding provides superior service and value in comparison to the typical kennel!
  • And if you wish to combine training while your dog is boarded, ask us about our outstanding board training services!

Please contact CPT for availability at:
(541) 801-5916

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