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10 Reasons to Train Your Dog with CPT

1) CPT has been in business since 1992. Unlike many fly by night operations in the pet industry, we have stood the test of time. 2) CPT has trained over 50,000 dogs and over 100 cats. Not only have we…

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Nat Geo Author Interviews CPT’s Alex Collier and Mark Spivak

National Geographic author Jenny Holland recently visited CPT to interview CPT’s Alex Collier and Mark Spivak for an upcoming book Jenny is writing about canine cognition.   Day 1: Jenny Holland’s visit commenced on Monday, August 16, 2021.  The day…

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The Relationship Between Owner and Dog Anxiety

While operating CPT for the past 30 years I have availed myself of many anecdotal observations.  One of the more intriguing impressions is the apparent correlation between anxious owners and dogs exhibiting anxiety, aggressive behavior, or both.  Therefore, I eagerly…

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