Virtual Private Instruction

Virtual Private Instruction via Zoom or FaceTime is an excellent solution for persons concerned about infection from social contact or persons who live distant from CPT.   The advent of virtual technology allows us to easily provide CPT’s nationally recognized expertise to clients residing throughout the USA and internationally.

With virtual lessons we can “enter” a client’s home without placing a key in the ignition or boarding an airplane.  Therefore, for persons wishing instruction emphasizing housebreaking, household manners, applied obedience, or behavior modification, virtual instruction permits us the opportunity to furnish a quasi-in-home lesson when an actual in-home lesson is logistically impractical or nonviable due to health concerns.

Although virtual instruction does not enable us to physically handle your dog, which is valuable for dog prep and human observation modeling, CPT Trainers are highly adept communicators who can verbally coach you to successful outcomes.  Moreover, through insightful use of the virtual format, we can employ demonstration dogs at our end of the camera to maximize observation modeling and effective understanding of technique.

• Staff Trainer rate:  $100 per hour or $740 for a discounted 8-hr. package.

• Head Trainer rate:  $120 per hour.

If you live distant from CPT or maintain COVID concerns, we welcome you to contact the CPT office (541-801-5916) to schedule a virtual appointment.

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