Jeanne Hodson

Jeanne Hodson graduated from CPT’s apprentice training program and is certified to train most obedience and behavioral issues that we encounter during group, private, in-home private, and board training.  Jeanne has now been training professionally for CPT for 1.5 years.

Jeanne’s life has been blessed with the companionship of many amazing canines. She has a special fondness for Great Danes which originated in her childhood. Her first Dane, Hannibal, was her escort and protector on daily horseback rides along the New Mexico desert trails. She’s had many wonderful dogs since Hannibal, including purebreds and mutts, small to large (8 lbs – 185 lbs), each with their own unique personality. She is currently training Jewell, her 4-year old rescued Great Dane, and Maggie, her 4-year old Foxhound mix, for AKC obedience titles.

Jeanne Hodson’s connection with animals has been an unwavering force in her life. Her teens and early adulthood were dedicated to training and showing horses in competitive Western and English riding events. The quality of her horses, along with the trust and synergy fostered by her training style, established a winning pattern of performance on the AQHA National Show Circuit that resulted in championship titles in fourteen states. Jeanne competed for over ten years before hanging up her boots for a more “normal” life. She subsequently attended the University of New Mexico and set out to pursue a business career.

Jeanne’s business experience includes fifteen years in senior and executive level positions in talent management and organizational development. As an executive coach and management trainer, she helped people develop the skills needed to navigate challenging corporate environments and evolve to highly successful leadership and top contributor roles. She is the founder of the Executive Coach and Leadership Council, a regional forum for coaching professionals. She holds a Senior Professional Human Resources designation, is a certified personality assessment facilitator for the Center for Creative Leadership and is a certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner. She wrapped up her corporate career in 2013.

Jeanne Hodson brings a unique and powerful perspective to CPT clients, drawing upon a life-long study of the psychology behind the motivation of human, canine and equine behavior. She researched many dog training companies before selecting CPT as her target apprenticeship choice. She was honored to be accepted into CPT’s in-house apprenticeship program and learn from outstanding trainers who offered a breath of knowledge, expertise, and experience that is unparalleled in the dog training industry.

Jeanne and her husband Don live in Alpharetta, GA, along with Jewell, Maggie, and two rescue cats. She also has a son and two step-daughters, almost all grown up, as Jeanne and Don prepare to be imminent empty nesters!

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