Therapy Dog Class


A novel class geared toward preparing new therapy dogs and improving the performance and utility of current working therapy animals.

  • Does your dog enjoy interacting with new people?  Does your dog’s presence bring smiles to people’s faces?  If yes, then you and your dog should enjoy participating as therapy volunteers.
  • Prepares handlers and dogs for participation in therapy dog organizations, such as Happy Tails.
  • Therapy DogSkills Taught: Remaining calm and stationary during petting and grooming, Ignoring dropped food and objects, A “Look” behavior useful for reading with children, Luring and/or commanding into specific positions, Comfort amidst wheelchairs and walkers, Avoiding fast moving objects, Moving to correct left-side and right-side heel position, Walking through a crowd, Performing commands for strangers, “Settle” command to achieve immediate relaxation, Improved reliability and responsiveness to basic and intermediate obedience commands, “Stand” and “Stand-Stay” behaviors, “Visit” behavior where the dog places its head atop a seated person’s lap, Accepting treats gently from the owner and strangers, “Chin” behavior where the dog rests its chin atop a flat hand, “Snuggle” behavior where the dog puts its head atop a seated or reclined person’s shoulder, Proper greeting behavior, “Shake” behavior where the dog offers its paw, “Lap” behavior where the dog places its front paws on a seated persons lap, “Step” behavior where the dog places its feet atop a pedestal.
  • Teaches numerous specialized skills and behaviors that will enable you and your dog to excel in a therapy environment.
  • Educates dogs to work reliably, without the use of a training collar.
  • Discusses human-dog communication skills and handling mechanics specific to therapy work.
  • $240 for 8 one-hour weekly meetings.
  • Prerequisites: Beginner Obedience or instructor’s approval. Intermediate Obedience or CGC is recommended.  In addition, participating dogs must enjoy interaction and tactile contact with strangers, be non-aggressive and calm amidst dogs, and be completely housebroken in both familiar and unfamiliar environments.

Therapy Dog


* All CPT Courses require pre-registration. Payments to CPT are non-refundable. CPT closes classes to further registration after 12 dogs enroll.

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