Tommy the Border Terrier Completes a CPT Board Train

CPT-Eugene Board Train

Tommy, a 5-month old Border Terrier puppy, recently completed 5 weeks of board training at CPT’s Eugene, Oregon location.   When Tommy’s owner, Page, first contacted CPT she communicated goals of improving Tommy’s housebreaking, eliminating jumping behavior, extinguishing laundry stealing and mouthing behavior, teaching him basic on-leash obedience, and teaching him advanced off-leash obedience.  One of the many terrific features of CPT’s board train program is that owners get to customize their dog’s lesson plan.

Why Did a Client From Alaska Choose CPT in Eugene, Oregon?

Although Page lives in Alaska, she found CPT the best option for furthering Tommy’s education in obedience, manners, and socialization.  When evaluating CPT’s board train program, Page liked CPT’s national reputation, heard great things from her mother, who lives in Eugene, appreciated the information on CPT’s website, preferred CPT’s positive methodology, and liked the flexibility in length and lesson plan design.

Moreover, Page realized that a trained dog is a happy dog and belongs to a happy owner.  Therefore, due to her geographic distance, her ultimate goal of maximizing her enjoyment of Tommy, and her desire to optimize Tommy’s quality of life, she scheduled a board train of 5 weeks in duration, which is slightly longer than the modal duration of 3 weeks.

In Addition to Board Training How Can CPT Assist Out of State Clients?

CPT has trained dogs for over 50,000 clients, most of whom are local to CPT’s Eugene and Atlanta locations.  Yet, we have trained many pet dogs and service dogs that reside outside of Oregon and Georgia.  CPT trained dogs live in a variety of states within the USA and in Canada. Consequently, regardless of where you live CPT can help to improve the pleasure you receive from your pet.  And if you don’t wish to travel or have your pet travel, we offer Facetime and Skype video consultation that instructs you how to resolve your dog’s training issues.

What Makes CPT’s Board Train Program Special?

Tommy was just 4 months of age when beginning his board train with CPT-Eugene Trainer Chrissy Mattucci.  What makes CPT’s board train program special is that client dogs reside at a trainer home, not a noisy kennel.  Since Tommy resided at Chrissy’s home we could more effectively improve his housebreaking, doorway greeting, stealing, and mouthing behaviors. Furthermore, Tommy’s behavioral advances have a higher probability of remaining indelibly once he returns home to Petersburg, Alaska.  Additionally, because Chrissy performs all of Tommy’s caretaking activities, such as feeding, watering, and toileting, she creates a closer bond with Tommy than is created in a kennel environment.  That bond is important, since it fosters security and trust that expedites obedience progress, as you will see when observing the following videos.

Tommy’s Board Train Videos

In the videos Chrissy demonstrates Tommy’s prowess in on-leash and off-leash obedience, including heeling, sit, down, stay, come, and touch, plus his mastery of a puzzle toy.

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(Petersburg, Alaska)

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