Tommy the Border Terrier Completes a CPT Board Train

CPT-Eugene Board Train

Tommy, a 5-month old Border Terrier puppy, recently completed 5 weeks of board training at CPT’s Eugene, Oregon location.   When Tommy’s owner, Page, first contacted CPT she communicated goals of improving Tommy’s housebreaking, eliminating jumping behavior, extinguishing laundry stealing and mouthing behavior, teaching him basic on-leash obedience, and teaching him advanced off-leash obedience.  One of the many terrific features of CPT’s board train program is that owners get to customize their dog’s lesson plan.

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Mark Spivak

Mark Spivak- CPT Dog Trainer

Mark Spivak, CPT’s founder, is a nationally known trainer, behaviorist, and canine researcher.  Although he is based out of CPT’s headquarters location in Atlanta, to address complex cases Mark travels periodically to perform on-site instruction in Eugene and he is available on a regular basis for FaceTime video consultations.  Mark is also an experienced expert witness in criminal and civil legal cases that involve issues of canine behavior, where he has handled cases from throughout the country.

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