Cat Training & Behavior – Metro Atlanta


Would you like you and your cat to lead a happier, healthier life together? CPT performs in-home private cat training lessons for pet owners burdened by:

  • Litter box problems/inappropriate elimination.
  • Aggression of another household pet toward a specific cat or generalized aggression toward all cats.
  • Aggression of a specific cat toward another household dog or cat.
  • Aggression or fearful behavior toward human family members or visitors.
  • Difficulty introducing a new pet to existing household dogs or cats.
  • Destructive chewing or clawing behavior.
  • Problems with a cat appearing psychologically depressed.
  • Problems with a cat exhibiting undue timidness, stimulus-specific anxiety, general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, self-mutilation, or phobic behavior.

Many cat owners do not realize that training and/or behavior modification can improve or extinguish many of the above referenced dilemmas. On some occasions, the inclusion of psychotropic medication will further assist the behavior modification process on site. In such a case, we will work closely with your veterinarian to make sure the program design is both safe and successful. Ultimately, our goal is to provide both you and your cat a higher quality of life.

Since cat lessons are generally complex and behavioral in scope, they require the services of a CPT Head Trainer. Head Trainer rates for in-home private lessons are $150 per hour, with a $150 per hour travel charge assessed for the time required for the trainer to arrive at your residence.

The travel time is typically between 10 to 35 minutes for most areas of Atlanta, provided your appointment is scheduled during a low to moderate traffic period.  However, in-home lessons occurring at a distance greater than 20 miles from the trainer’s residence and the CPT Sandy Springs Training Center may incur travel charges both to/from the destination location.

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