Tricks Class

Tricks Class will truly be a treat for you and your dog!

  • Outstanding team building.
  • Excellent intellectual stimulation.
  • Improved impulse control and obedience via the behavior shaping and chaining process utilized to teach each trick.
  • The Tricks Class menu includes a variety of entertaining behaviors, including bow, beg, roll over, bang-play dead, crawl, spin, speak, count, high five, wave, touch, leap through a hoop, leap into the handler’s arms, ring a bell, put away toys, and more!
  • Most importantly, Tricks Class is fun for you and your dog.
  • $240 for 8 one-hour meetings.
  • Prerequisites: Participating dogs must- a) be at least 6 months of age, b) graduated from a CPT Beginner Obedience class or an equivalent private lesson or board train program or receive instructor’s approval; c) not have senior-related orthopedic issues; and d) not have a history of aggression to humans or dogs.

    Tricks Class Grads
    Tricks Class graduates!








* All CPT Courses require pre-registration. Payments to CPT are non-refundable. CPT closes classes to further registration after 12 dogs enroll.

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