Puppy Class


An incredible, all positive, highly practical off-leash experience for young puppies.

  • Wonderful fun for puppies and their owners!
  • A novel off-leash class exclusively for young puppies 8 – 18 weeks of age.
  • No force, no punishment, and no leashes!
  • Creates safer, happier, and more confident puppies (as well as owners) through outstanding foundation training.
  • Highly recommended prior to commencing formal obedience training at the Beginner Obedience level.
  • Skills Taught: Socialization with dogs and people, appropriate play behavior, bite inhibition, sensory stimulation, familiarity with enclosed places and strange surfaces, focused attention, and all-positive imprint obedience.
  • $60 for 2 one-hour weekly meetings.
Puppy Class
Puppy Class

* All CPT Courses require pre-registration. Payments to CPT are non-refundable. CPT closes classes to further registration after 12 dogs enroll.

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