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If you are a DOG owner, please fill out Section I- Contact Information, then click the DOG tab below to enter the Dog Info page. Once completing the Dog Info and associated Pertinent Dog Issues sections, then click “Send” at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in CAT behavioral instruction, please fill out Section I- Contact Information, then click the CAT tab below to enter the Cat Info page. Once completing the Cat Info and corresponding Pertinent Cat Issues sections, then click “Send” at the bottom of the page.

Once you complete all required sections and hit “Send,” CPT will contact you within 24 hours by email and/or phone about resolving your pet’s problem behaviors and achieving your pet training goals. Please note that if you contact us over the weekend, we will respond promptly on Monday morning.

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Pertinent Dog Issues (please check all that apply):
Aggression toward cats
Aggression toward family dogs
Aggression toward family members
Aggression toward non-family dogs
Aggression toward strangers
Aggression toward wildlife
Anxiety amidst dogs
Anxiety amidst noises
Anxiety amidst strangers
Basic Obedience
Behavior with children
Car behavior
Cat chasing
Climbing on furniture
Coming when called
Competition Obedience
Expert Witness Services
Fence jumping
General Anxiety
Indoor boundary containment
Intermediate Obedience
Lack of play behavior
Off-leash Pet Obedience
Outdoor boundary containment
Pulling on leash
Puppy Manners
Raiding Trash
Relationship Building
Rough play behavior
Separation Anxiety
Stealing Food
Stealing Objects
Thunderstorm phobia

Other issues

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