Therapy Dog Class

Alan Towles and Gracie- Therapy Dog

Alan Towles and his Golden Retriever, Gracie, recently graduated from CPT’s Therapy Dog Class taught by Melissa Nelson.  They are now a working therapy team for Happy Tails.

CPT’s Therapy Dog Class provides a unique curriculum that rapidly prepares human and canine students to excel in practical therapy environments.  The class teaches multiple task behaviors that improve handler and dog performance.

Behaviors include Stay (in standing, seated, and reclined positions), ignoring dropped food or objects, Luring into position, positioning along the left or right side of a person upon the commands Heel or Side, Walking through crowds, comfort amidst wheelchairs and walkers, avoiding irrelevant and fast moving objects, performing commands for strangers, Settle to achieve immediate relaxation and stationary positioning, gently accepting treats and petting, Look, Visit, Chin, Snuggle, Lap, Step, and Shake.

Moreover, the class educates handlers and dogs to work in a variety of therapy settings.  Gracie is now prepared to assist in children’s hospitals; rehabilitation hospitals; mental health hospitals; senior centers; universities; courtrooms; and public or private elementary, middle, and secondary schools.

For more information about CPT’s Therapy Dog Class or any other CPT program (group obedience class, group agility class, CGC Class, private lessons, in-home private lessons, virtual private lessons, board training), please contact CPT by phone (404-236-2150), email CPT (, or visit the CPT website (


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