Dog Agility Training – Metro Atlanta

Have a great time increasing the bond between you and your dog while enhancing your dog’s strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence.

  • All levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Competition
  • Beginner Agility introduces your dog to all the agility obstacles. Intermediate Agility teaches you how to handle your dog through short to mid-length multiple obstacle sequences and continues teaching competency with the teeter and weave poles. Advanced Agility teaches you and your dog how to proficiently navigate longer and more difficult obstacle courses. Competition Agility teaches you and your dog how to succeed amongst difficult competitive-level courses commonly seen in AKC, USDAA, and/or NADAC trials.
  • Outstanding equipment for introductory through competition levels.
  • Skills taught: Jumping, Tunnels, Collapsed Tunnels, A-frame, Dog-Walk, Pause Table, Teeter, Tire Jump, Weave Poles, Voice Commands, Sequencing, Hand Signals, Handling Strategies, Front, Back and Blind Crosses.
  • Group class:  $240 for 8 one-hour meetings.
  • Private instruction: $90 per hour.
  • Private packages: $660 – 8 one-hour lessons.

Note: The preceding private lesson prices are Staff Trainer rates. If a client schedules private lessons with a Head Trainer, the price is $120 per hour.

  • Prerequisites: Intermediate Obedience or instructor’s approval.
  • CPT agility students may also purchase practice time at CPT’s Sandy Springs Training Center. In contrast, with our competitors, one of the barriers to agility progress is access to equipment and facilities. Fortunately, CPT helps our agility students overcome the significant obstacle of practice time, which results in superior progress and greater enjoyment.

* All CPT courses and lessons require pre-registration. Payments to CPT are non-refundable. CPT closes group classes to further registration after 12 dogs enroll.





CPT Dog Agility
Agility is fast and exciting! Here Laura runs Penny over the jumps.
CPT Dog Agility
CPT is proficient at training all breeds and sizes of dogs. Here we see Balto, a Bichon Frise owned by former CPT obedience student and Agility Trainer Sierra Schmidt, flying through the tunnel. In December 2006, Sierra and Balto won the inaugural AKC National Agility Invitational.
CPT Dog Agility
Many CPT students particpate in Agility just for fun. However, some Agility students enjoy competing. If winning is fun, Pippin is a very happy dog. Wow! Look at all those ribbons! These are just a few of Pippin’s 50+ first place ribbons. Pippin and his owner Holly Schmidt started as CPT obedience students. With Holly's handling, Pippin progressed to become a prestigious MACH4, a sixth place finisher in the AKC Nationals, and the #2 lifetime Agility Toy Poodle.
CPT Dog Agility
Bear entering the teeter.
CPT Dog Agility
Blue reaches the summit of the A-frame.

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