Comprehensive Pet Therapy, Inc. trainers win at Perry

Comprehensive Pet Therapy, Inc. (CPT), well known for their award winning trainers, has continued its successes. This past weekend, at the Peach Blossom Cluster held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA, during a set of four sanctioned American Kennel Club (AKC) events, six CPT trainers excelled in their respective categories. Moreover, the CPT staff demonstrated their prowess against top competition as the Peach Blossom Cluster is one of the nation’s five largest multi-event dog shows.

Mindy Costanza and her Australian Shepherd, Apache, garnered an outstanding score of 199.5 (out of a possible 200) in Novice B competition. Their exceptional score won the Novice B class and the esteemed High-in-Trial (HIT) award. This was Mindy and Apache’s second HIT in the past month. Mindy and her 11 year old Norwegian Elkhound, Brenne, who had already achieved the revered Obedience Trial Championship (OTCh) title, demonstrated their skills in Agility competition achieving one leg toward their Agility Excellent (AX) title with a third place finish.

Mary Ann McBride and her Golden Retriever, Halo, achieved the coveted Utility Dog (UD) title with two first place and one second place finish, including a high score of 196.5. On average, handlers require 21 shows to title a dog in Utility. Mary Ann and Halo completed the requirements in three consecutive shows and with outstanding scores. Halo is Mary Ann’s second Utility Dog. She and Halo had previously placed in the top five nationally at the Gaines Classic at the Open level and look forward to accomplishing similar results at the Utility level in this year’s Gaines event.

Karen Cobb, and her Shiba Inus, Smokey and R.D., excelled on the Agility field. Smokey accomplished a first place finish at the Agility Excellent (AX) level and a second place in Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ). R.D. collected a first place finish in Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ). Both of Karen’s dogs are ranked in the top five nationally in Agility and Obedience for their breed.

Kathy Kilgallon and her Sheltie, Quesa, earned points toward the esteemed Masters Agility Championship (MACH) title, Kathy and her Come, Tre Lee, achieved one leg toward their Masters Agility (MX) title.

Teresa Turner and her Border Collie, JoJo, completed their MX title and earned points toward their MACH. Teresa is well known as one of the top trainers in the southeast. She and her dogs have achieved four OTCh titles and multiple placements in regional and national competition.

Jeanne Peffley and her Golden Retriever, Sunny, and Flat Coated Retriever, Pepper, obtained four qualifications and three qualifications respectively in Agility at the Masters level, including a fourth place and third place finish. Pepper also recently attained his Working Certificate (WC), which qualified him for induction into the prestigious Flat Coated Retriever Hall of Fame.

Since its inception in 1992, CPT has trained the dogs of over 12,000 Atlanta area customers. CPT offers group classes at six locations (Sandy Springs, Norcross, Sugar Hill, Gumming, Acworth, and Riverdale), in-home private lessons throughout the Atlanta metro area, and a unique boarding training program at 15 locations where customer dogs reside at a trainer’s home as opposed to a kennel. CPT Head Trainers have competed on world teams, placed in national competitions, won regional titles, and shown at Westminster. Over 80 Atlanta area veterinary clinics recommend CPT.

For more information on CPT or any of CPT’s training staff, please contact Mark Spivak at (404) 236-2150.

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