CPT Internal Training Seminar- Gentle Leader®

In our continuing efforts to keep the CPT training staff as the most educated group of pet trainers in the Atlanta area, we have commenced a series of internal seminars designed to enhance the trainers’ knowledge regarding canine learning theory, canine communication, new equipment and applications, and leading edge training methodologies. On September 18, 2007, the second in a series of bi-monthly seminars featured a DVD produced by Premier Products regarding the Gentle Leader®. The Gentle Leader® is the most popular type of canine head halter collar in the United States and is the generally preferred collar choice of many veterinary behaviorists.

Fourteen CPT staff members attended the viewing of the 45-minute DVD and participated in the subsequent open discussion seminar and demonstration practical moderated by CPT owner, Mark Spivak.

CPT trainers learned how to better:

  1. Fit the Gentle Leader head halter collar.
  2. Use the Gentle Leader collar to improve leash walking and basic obedience.
  3. Use the Gentle Leader collar to improve behavior modification in cases of excitability, reactivity, anxiety, dominance, dog-dog aggression or dog-human aggression.
  4. Understand why the Gentle Leader may provide behavioral and biomechanical advantages in comparison to other collar choices.
  5. Understand the potential strengths of the Gentle Leader collar.
  6. Understand the potential weaknesses of the Gentle Leader collar.
  7. Eclectically analyze which collar choice is most appropriate for a specific animal or a specific exercise.
  8. Understand which applications may enhance the advantages of the Gentle Leader and which applications may obviate incorporation of the Gentle Leader.
  9. Desensitize a resistant or frightened dog to the Gentle Leader collar.
  10. Informatively and persuasively discuss the preceding criteria with customers.

Consequently, CPT trainers are now proficient with an additional tool that will enable them to deliver superior instruction to client dogs and owners. Future planned seminars will cover issues such as using the clicker training, age appropriate puppy training, psychological theory, and diagnosing potential physical origins of behavioral problems.

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