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Please view CPT staff and our photogenic clients Jeff and Angie on tonight’s CBS, WGCL- TV 46, 11 PM news. Fred Powers of Clear Channel News developed a fascinating story line entitled “Dogs At Home.” We first view Harley (Jeff & Angie’s 6 year old Yellow Lab) through the eyes of a surveillance camera that catches Harley raiding the trash, stealing food from the counter, and lounging on the sofa. CPT then provides an on-camera lesson designed to improve Harley’s separation behavior. Lastly, we again observe Harley through the lens of the hidden camera. Were CPT’s recommendations successful? Did the training program turn Harley into the ultimate pet when left alone? For the answers tune in tonight!

CPT also participated two weeks ago in a WGCL News feature with executive producer Mark Aldren. Mark’s piece on pet psychics was light hearted as well as informative.

Four weeks ago Valerie Hoff, a reporter for NBC’s affiliate, WXIA TV-11 Alive News, featured CPT in a story about pit bulls. Valerie composed an objective piece that clearly communicated the pleasures and potential dangers inherent in the breed.

CPT has always believed that we are the premier pet training organization in the Atlanta metro area. The recognition provided by local media and our appreciative client base continues to enhance our reputation. We are proud of the work we have completed training the dogs of over 21,000 clients and hope you and your dog have benefitted from your experiences with CPT.

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