CPT President Mark Spivak and Emory Professor Greg Berns Create Dog Star Technologies

On February 10, 2013 CPT President Mark Spivak and Emory Professor Greg Berns incorporated Dog Star Technologies, LLC. Dog Star will develop, manufacture, and market leading edge products that improve the quality of life of working dogs, competition dogs, and pet dogs. Some of the products proposed by Dog Star will spawn from the research Spivak and Berns conduct as part of the Emory-CPT Neuroscience Team that has received acclaim for becoming the first research team worldwide to accomplish awake non-restrained fMRI’s of community animals. Other products Dog Star will develop independently and then validate in the fMRI. There are also several other products in concept that will be developed totally independent of the research conducted by Spivak and Berns.

A concept prototype exists for an advanced “Relaxation Vest” that Dog Star believes will become the next generation beyond existing anxiety reduction garments. In addition, other products in a raw concept stage include several aromatherapy products, one to relieve chronic anxiety, another to diminish acute anxious and/or aggressive arousal, and another to interrupt aggressive, stereotypic, or obsessive-compulsive behavior; advanced canine ear plugs to assist hunting dogs and noise phobic dogs; and agility contact obstacles that employ pneumatic lifts that facilitate easier and more flexible height adjustments.

Dog Star hopes to release its first products during mid-2014. Dog Star hopes that they will eventually achieve worldwide distribution and sales.

For more information about Dog Star Technologies, please contact Mark Spivak by email (MarkCPT@aol.com) or by phone (404-236-2150).

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