CPT Students Achieve Agility Titles

Holly and Sierra Schmidt, CPT clients from Alpharetta, and their Toy Poodles, Pippin and Balto, and Miniature Poodle, Tootsie recently completed a series of successful AKC Agility trials. In early June, Holly and Pippin completed their AKC Novice Agility (NA) title in three consecutive shows, which included three perfect first place finishes. They also completed their Novice Agility Jumpers w/ Weaves (NAJ) title in five shows, which included two first place and one second place finish.

Sierra achieved two legs with Tootsie toward her NAJ title. Both were first place finishes. Sierra also achieved one leg toward her NAJ with Balto and a second place finish.

Holly’s and Sierra have graduated four dogs through CPT’s Beginner and Intermediate Obedience programs. They currently have three dogs enrolled in CPT’s Agility program. They have been taking Agility group classes from CPT Trainers Karen Smalley and Jessa Sacco since November 2001.

Holly and Sierra take the dogs to class together as a mother-daughter activity. They enjoy the family camaraderie and physical activity derived from agility class. Moreover, their dogs are far better behaved and happier since joining CPT’s agility program.

Congratulations to Holly, Sierra, and their dogs on their recent accomplishments!

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