CPT Trainer on Animal Planet

CPT Agility Trainer Sierra Schmidt will prominently appear in Animal Planet’s upcoming broadcasts of the AKC National Agility Invitational. Follow the ups and downs, ins and outs, backs and forths, and overs and unders of some of the world’s best four-legged athletes and their handler/trainers as they attempt to conquer an obstacle course full of hoops, tunnels, and weave poles. Agility allows dogs to demonstrate their athleticism and versatility by racing against the clock and overcoming a challenging course of different obstacles. Success requires proper training, as agility is a sport of physical skill, control, patience and – most importantly – teamwork between handler and dog. Animal Planet will broadcast the event, in which Sierra and her Bichon Frise, Balto, achieved a championship in the 8-inch height class, on Thursday, February 15 at 8 PM, Thursday, February 15 at 11 PM, and Sunday, February 18 at 3 PM.

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