CPT Trainer Performs Seminar at Briarcliff Animal Hospital

On Wednesday, August 2, CPT Trainer Mark Spivak appeared at Briarcliff Animal Hospital’s veterinary staff meeting to provide a seminar on reducing dog aggression. Mark first explained CPT’s history and services, then discussed diagnosis of dog aggression, categorization of different types of aggression, customization of solution plans dependent upon the diagnosis, and newer more human solution options, including dominance training, counterconditioning and desensitization, exercise, and psychotropic medication. The veterinary staff appreciated the insights, as well as CPT’s cognitive, personalized emphasis.

Briarcliff’s staff agrees that working closely with a respected training company, such as CPT, creates a symbiotic relationship that benefits both the training and veterinary entity. Well trained dogs remain clients, rather than get disposed at the local shelter. Moreover, trained animals require less labor during examinations, they are safer and easier to handle, and their owners require less time for behavioral consultations. Most importantly, a relationship with a professional training company increases the profitability of the clinic.

Atlanta area veterinary clinics desiring a similar presentation, should contact the CPT office by phone at 770-396-6433.

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