Franchesca and Nissa Join the CPT Hands-On Service Dog Program

Meet Franchesca and Nissa, two recent clients of CPT’s Hands-On Service Dog Program.  CPT’s Service Dog Program offers the benefits of flexible customization, where the dog learns behaviors and tasks optimally suited to each disabled client’s unique needs.  Moreover, CPT can locate and evaluate a puppy or adult dog optimal for the program or train an existing pet.  The flexibility and customization is furthered by enabling clients to choose from our Board Training Program, where CPT does all the training and then we train the recipient to handle an already trained service dog, the Hands-On Program, where we train the recipient or an agent for the recipient how to train the dog, or our Combo Program, where we combine Board Training and Hands-On features.  By including several options, CPT can train dogs for persons with severe mobility or sensory impairments that may not be able to successfully work with an untrained dog, persons who simply have no wish to work with the dog until it is trained, budget constrained recipients who can not afford a Board Train program, and psychologically disabled persons who wish their dog to remain at home for emotional support while it is being trained as a service dog.

CPT has custom trained service dogs for persons with neurological, orthopedic, cardiac, electrolyte, hearing, cognitive, and psychiatric disorders, as well as persons with seizure disorders and narcolepsy.  Furthermore, CPT trains service dogs (and pet dogs) for persons residing throughout the United states and Canada.


CPT Hands-On Service Dog Program
Franchesca and Nissa, two new clients of CPT’s Hands-On Service Dog Program.










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