Is It True That Agility Training Has a Multitude of Benefits for Your Dog?

Dogs, like people, require regular exercise to maintain sound physical and psychological health. You may wonder if there is an enjoyable way to supply vigorous physical activity for your pet besides just going on long walks or playing fetch in the backyard. Agility training may be the answer to your quandary. Moreover, as you train your dog to excel in the various agility obstacles, your dog receives benefits beyond just releasing his or her energy.

Group and private agility programs provide mental and physical stimulation.  Competence in the individual agility obstacles requires confidence, strength, coordination, flexibility, body awareness, and coordination.  As you and your dog advance, you will find that navigating increasingly complex agility courses requires attention, cooperation, teamwork, and endurance.  Consequently, you will help your dog to become more cognitive, collaborative, and athletic.

And no dog is too old to benefit from agility.  Regardless of age, agility provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and strengthens muscles and bones.  With an older dog, agility participation may require lower jump heights and a lower a-frame, but still benefits mental acuity, so that he/she remains sharp and alert during senior years.  An agility dog is a healthier dog and is likely to lead a longer happier life.

Furthermore, agility corresponds to many instinctive canine behaviors that might occur in the wild during hunting or play.  Yet, most household dogs don’t have the opportunity to perform these archetypal behaviors unless their owners take the time to enroll them in agility or a similar activity.  Therefore, participation in agility is an ideal way to allow your dog to get in touch with his/her natural instincts.

CPT’s Atlanta dog trainers enjoy exposing our canine and human students to the multifarious benefits of agility.   We encourage you to enroll your dog in a group or private agility course at the CPT Atlanta/Sandy Springs Training Center.   As you see your dog become healthier, happier and more obedient and you and your dog experience increased bonding and have a great time together, you will agree that enrolling in CPT agility was a great decision!

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