Katie and Jimmy Complete an In-Home Lesson on Housebreaking

Katie and Jimmy- In-Home- Housebreaking

Katie and Jimmy, her 5 year old, neutered, male Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie), completed an in-home lesson on housebreaking. Although Jimmy is mega-cute, he pees and poops in the house about 6 – 9x per week, which is not very cute, especially for a 5-year old dog.

However, Katie just completed a customized CPT Housebreaking Lesson that taught her the major principles of successful housebreaking and that provided her a detailed, multi-step housebreaking plan. She is now armed with an arsenal of knowledge specific to her dog, her schedule, her preferences, the floor plan and floor surfaces of her home, and the layout and substrates of the outdoor toileting area. Katie is very pleased that she now understands how to finally housebreak Jimmy, both from a procedural standpoint and from the perspective of natural canine behavior.

We expect that Jimmy will housebreak very quickly with CPT’s housebreaking strategies, which will make Katie extremely happy that she will achieve in a few weeks what she could not accomplish in the 5 prior years.

If you have a puppy or dog that urinates or defecates in your apartment or home, don’t complain, call CPT! Just like with Katie, a CPT in-home private lesson should expedite housebreaking success. Moreover, the lesson provides excellent value by saving you time from cleaning up after your dog, reducing your aggravation, reducing unpleasant household odor, and reducing associated property damage- and your dog will be happier afterward, too.

The CPT phone number is 404-236-2150. CPT office hours are Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Call CPT today!!

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