Molly the German Shepherd- A Future Service Dog

Molly is just 8 weeks of age. Yet, Molly is not just any German Shepherd puppy. Molly is a future service dog that has a long and fulfilling life ahead of her.

CPT selected Molly from an outstanding litter of German Shepherds bred in North Georgia. She excelled in the Friendliness, Restraint, Dominance, Tolerance, Energy, and Trainability criteria inherent to the CPT Puppy Test. Now that she is 8 weeks of age she is about to begin her service dog journey.

German Shepherd

Although German Shepherds are used with decreasing frequency as service animals, the breeding line from which Molly comes exhibits excellent aptitude for the role.  We expect that Molly will be an excellent representative of the German Shepherd breed.

Molly is scheduled to commence her first board train. She will have a total of 3 board trains before she reaches 18 – 24 months of age and graduates from the CPT service dog program.

Her first-stage board train will focus on housebreaking, household manners, sensory stimulation, environmental socialization, and imprint obedience. She will then spend time with her family before returning to CPT for more training.

Molly is destined to assist a young boy who resides in Ontario, Canada. The boy has become highly anxious, depressed, withdrawn, and developmentally delayed since suffering abuse from a noncustodial parent. His mother hopes that Molly’s presence will enable her son to better re-enter the world so that he can improve his self-esteem and outlook on life, whereby he matures into a successful, productive, happy adult. CPT will be there as a family teammate throughout Molly’s training process and beyond doing its utmost to ensure that all program goals reach fruition.

The above is a video of Molly and her litter at 7 weeks of age.

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