Novel Canine Neuroscience at CPT- GA Tech Visits CPT to Test Sensor Products

Zen Testing the Ball Sensor- Canine Neuroscience Research at CPT

The Georgia Tech Brain Lab’s FIDO Project team visited CPT on SU Feb 8 to work with The Dog Project dogs. The FIDO Project is participating in a 2-year canine neuroscience study coordinated by Dog Star Technologies ( As part of the study, the FIDO team is developing sensors that will aid in determining the temperament of a dog by how the dog interacts with each sensor product. Presently, there are two sensor products in the prototype stage, a ball sensor and a tug sensor.

In the video, Zen is interacting with the ball sensor. He is also wearing an accelerometer that records his speed and movement. Then, at the lab, the GA Tech team will combine the accelerometer data with the ball sensor data specific to bite pressure and duration.

Ultimately, Dog Star will correlate the sensor and accelerometer data with data from Dog Star’s proprietary fMRI protocol to identify the suitability of an animal for a service dog or military working dog role. CPT, Dog Star Technologies, and GA Tech’s FIDO Project team are leaders in using canine neuroscience to learn about dog behavior.

(Sandy Springs, GA)

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