Selecting the Right Dog- Part 1: The Importance of Compatibility

The decision process regarding adding a dog to your household is in many ways tantamount in significance and perspective to your decision process when selecting a mate. Ideally, a spousal relationship expands the quality of life for both you and your partner. Similarly, pet ownership should generate a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship that enhances the quality of life for both you and your pet. Therefore, compatibility is a key issue in determining whether the process realizes optimal outcomes.

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Selecting the Right Dog- Part 3: Evaluating Breeder and Shelter Facilities

If you feel comfortable that the breeder is professional, honest, and passionate, that the sire and dam are high quality animals, and that the sales contract is equitable, then proceed by setting an appointment to visit the breeder facility. While there, you will investigate the environment, the parents, and the litter.
Similarly, before you visit a shelter or rescue agency you wish to know something of their reputation, policies, mission, and customer service and you wish to review their sales/adoption contract. Your community will likely contain a number of shelters and rescue agencies that have dogs available for adoption. Therefore, exercise due diligence to ensure that you are comfortable with a specific organization before you visit. Moreover, when you visit complete a similar inspection to that described below for a breeder facility.

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