Caroline Joe and Dash During Advanced Agility Class

CPT Advanced Agility Class

Caroline Joe and Dash completed Beginner Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Beginner Agility, Intermediate Agility, and Intermediate Agility-2 classes with CPT.  Now, they are in their second 8-week session of Advanced Agility class. Agility class has helped to improve the bond between Caroline and Dash.  Just as importantly, agility has done wonders to improve Dash’s off-leash attentiveness, […]

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CPT Beginner Agility Graduates

CPT Beginner Agility Class

The CPT Beginner Agility Class familiarizes dogs and handlers with each of the agility obstacles: bar jumps, tire jump, open tunnel, closed tunnel (chute), A-frame, dogwalk, teeter, pause table, and weave poles.  At the completion of Beginner Agility participating dogs should be competent in all the listed obstacles, except for the teeter and weave poles, […]

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