10 Reasons to Train Your Dog with CPT

1) CPT has been in business since 1992.

Unlike many fly by night operations in the pet industry, we have stood the test of time.

2) CPT has trained over 50,000 dogs and over 100 cats.

Not only have we been around, we have been successful. We have experience in both years and numbers.

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Lulu- A Dog Reactivity Case Study

Lulu, a 7-month old Pug/Jack Russell Terrier, was adopted 6 weeks before from the Atlanta Humane Society.  Since Lulu’s adoption she exhibited severe reactivity on-leash when meeting unfamiliar people or dogs.  Her hackles would conspicuously rise, she would bark incessantly, and she would pull tenaciously on the leash.  Therefore, while on walks the owners were […]

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Shadow- A Behavior Modification Story

Shadow’s owner contacted CPT due to concerns regarding aggressive posturing between Shadow and persons and dogs residing within the household. The behavior became prevalent after Shadow’s owner relocated from South Dakota to Hall County, GA. To ease the financial burden of her move, Shadow’s owner moved-in with her sister, her sister’s adult son, her sister’s […]

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Young Charlie Learns to Walk Shadow- CPT In-Home Instruction

In-Home Instruction- Larren, Charlie, and Shadow

Larren and Charlie, age 9, participated in an in-home lesson with their Black Lab Mix, Shadow. Shadow learned how to sit, come, greet people at the door without jumping, and walk properly on a loose leash. The highlight of the session was when young Charlie walked Shadow about the neighborhood with a big smile on his face- and a nice loose leash.

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In-Home Training Helped Maya to Relate Better to Her Human and Canine Pack Members

In-Home Training- Maya

Maya is a 6-year old Australian Shepherd Mix that Carolyn has owned since Dec 2014. We worked on helping Maya to better enjoy time with Betty in the backyard, extinguishing pawing as an attention seeking behavior, Come, Sit, and Leash Walking. Carolyn and Maya both learned a lot and built a better relationship in the process.

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