Best Dog Training Classes Near Morrow, GA

Looking for dog training programs near Morrow GA? You don’t have to worry because CPT is here to help you! Our trainers are experienced and proficient in various fields such as competition training, obedience, and behavior modification. We have full confidence in our ability to provide you and your furry friend with exceptional services since we operate five successful boarding and training facilities in Georgia.

Thanks to our skilled dog trainers, CPT is a top-notch dog training provider in the area. Our trainers are knowledgeable in training titled dogs for competitions and teaching fundamental dog behaviors. Our training programs focus not only on behavioral issues and physical training but also on improving and teaching essential obedience skills.

We offer a variety of pet training courses to choose from based on your budget, as we understand the importance of choosing a teaching method that best suits your dog. To date, we have successfully trained over 50,000 human-canine teams through our group, private, and board training programs.

Group Training

By joining our group dog training sessions throughout Georgia, you can save money and introduce your furry friend to new companions! Our puppy training classes offer various benefits to both you and your pet. You can teach them obedience skills while having fun, and our expert trainers will provide individual attention to both of you.

Our group dog training lessons near Morrow GA can help you build a stronger relationship with your dog while improving their behavior. We also provide canine good citizen classes that offer practical training and certification for general pet etiquette and therapy dog certification.

Private Instructions and In Home Lessons

If your dog seems nervous, aggressive, or overly energetic around other dogs, choosing private dog training lessons may be more beneficial for you. This method provides quicker and more adaptable scheduling since you have control over your dog’s training. In Morrow GA, our dog trainers can come to your home and provide their expert services. You have the option of choosing either our staff trainer or head trainer, with both charging an hourly rate.

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To schedule an appointment or to find out more information about our dog training classes near Morrow GA, please fill out our client contact form or call us at (404) 236-2150. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or qualifications. Please have a look at our dog trainer resumes and qualifications here, as well as the areas in which we offer services.

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Veterinarians in Morrow GA

Morrow Animal Hospital

  • Address: 6326 S Lee St, Morrow, GA 30260
  • Phone: +17709615540

Banfield Pet Hospital

  • Address: 1986 Mt Zion Rd, Morrow, GA 30260
  • Phone: +17704729900

Forest Park Animal Hospital

  • Address: 5136 Jonesboro Rd, Lake City, GA 30260
  • Phone: +14043661922


Service Dog Training Near Morrow GA

CPT offers outstanding assistance dog training services that can greatly benefit individuals with disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs, have neurological or orthopedic conditions, or are hearing-impaired. Our team of skilled dog trainers is committed to helping you! We specialize in training dogs for people who require physical support, hearing assistance, autism support, psychiatric treatment, or seizure response. Our training techniques have a high success rate in producing a well-trained service dog that can be customized to meet individual needs.

Dog Agility Training Near Morrow GA

Moreover, we provide various agility training programs and equipment for dogs at our academy. We have a wide array of canine agility courses that concentrate on enhancing skills such as jumping, weaving, responding to hand signals, and more. We understand that each dog learns differently, which is why we offer both group classes and private lessons customized to your specific needs and availability. Please check our website to see the current prices for all of our training programs.

Dog Boarding Near Morrow GA

Our canine boarding facilities are the perfect option for your dog to get very close one on one interaction with our professional trainers. In only ten minutes per training session, we can help here at CPT Training, we teach your pet while traveling- just like any other obedience class!

Cat Training Near Morrow GA

Having trouble finding cat training near Morrow GA? We can provide it! We provide in-home private sessions for cat or kitten owners who want to improve their cats’ behavior and litter box training. Many individuals are shocked to learn that kitten training may help prevent future issues while also improving their pleasure level. Our aim is to provide both you and your pet with a better quality of life. The cost of our in-home private lessons is $120 per hour, and our trainers are highly qualified and experienced.

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