60 Minutes Visits CPT

With the forthcoming release of their 3rd paper and some groundbreaking research methods and findings, the Emory-CPT Neuroscience Team, also known simply as “The Dog Project,” has received outstanding media attention.  The team has been covered by ABC World News Tonight, CBS This Morning, The New York Times, The LA Times, Time Magazine, and Rolling Stone amongst others and will be featured in an upcoming episode of PBS’s Nova series.  Yet, the pinnacle may have occurred on February 22, 2014 when two production crews from 60 Minutes visited Emory University and CPT to film live MRI sessions, MRI training sessions, and interviews with the projects’ principals, Prof. Greg Berns and CPT President Mark Spivak.  60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper conducted the interviews.

CPT President Mark Spivak stated, “I was very impressed with the quality and extent of the CBS production team.  The number of persons and the amount of equipment they brought clearly demonstrated that they are a first class operation and that they highly valued our project.  In addition, I appreciated the diligent preparation of their producers who were highly structured throughout the entire day.  Most impressively, they had each scene storyboarded in advance, which made the day go a lot faster and much more productively.  Moreover, I enjoyed meeting Anderson Cooper, who was very professional when the camera was rolling and very personable and genuine between takes.”

The crews and Mr. Cooper spent 6 hours at Emory and CPT. After CBS completes the final edit, “The Dog Project” will probably encompass 3 to 4 minutes within a 12-minute segment about scientific advances in understanding canine cognition and emotions.  CBS plans to broadcast the piece during May 2014.

Said Spivak, “I look forward to seeing the piece in May, as I have long been a fan of 60 Minutes.  Thus, it will be a highlight of my life to participate from inside the TV, rather than solely as a viewer.”

For more information, please contact Mark Spivak by email (MarkCPT@aol.com) or by phone (404-236-2150).

60 Minutes preparing to interview Greg Berns and Mark Spivak
Anderson Cooper and the 60 Minutes production crew preparing to interview Greg and Mark
Anderson Cooper interviewing Greg Berns and Mark Spivak
60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper interviewing Greg and Mark









Callie performing in the CPT mock scanner.
Callie performing in the CPT mock scanner.
Anderson Cooper with Greg Berns and Mark Spivak
Group photo w/ AC. L to R: CPT Apprentice Trainer Megan Billingsley, Mark Spivak, Anderson Cooper, Greg Berns, Helen Berns, Callie, and Peter Cook.

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