Ellie Dunn

Ellie Dunn- CPT Trainer


Ellie Dunn’s career with animals began in 2010 while a senior in high school.  Since that time, Ellie Dunn has received a diverse exposure to dog training.  Her early employment history is highlighted by tenure at a dog day care, a grooming salon, a pet sitting company, and at several veterinary clinics.  Ellie’s experience includes dog training and roles in customer service; client communication; general pet care; and assisting in veterinary triage, dentistry, radiology, surgery, laboratory testing, and laboratory test interpretation.  Always willing to grow in skill level and accept challenges, her most interesting veterinary position comprised a journey to South Africa to work as a wildlife veterinary nurse!

Furthermore, concurrent with the above endeavors, Ellie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University, with an impressive 3.7 GPA.


After graduating from GSU, Ellie elected to focus on dog and animal training by commencing employment with a major animal talent agency.  While working on film and still photography sets in Los Angeles and Atlanta Ellie expanded her knowledge regarding behavior shaping and positive reinforcement training.  Moreover, she not only worked with dogs, Ellie also handled cats, ungulates, primates, rodents, birds, and reptiles.

Ellie’s “Hollywood experience” provides an excellent background for her training role at CPT.  Yet, Ellie Dunn is a knowledge seeker.  Therefore, despite her noteworthy credentials, Ellie is continuously expanding her proficiency in canine behavior and training by participating in CPT’s in-house educational program.


CPT’s in-house program is providing Ellie with outstanding competency in multiple pet training methodologies pertinent to animals varying in age, size, behavioral issues, and training goals.  More importantly, since we must also educate the human end of the leash, Ellie is mastering the delivery of lecture-based and practical client lessons relevant to housebreaking, household manners, basic obedience, advanced obedience, and behavior modification.

Ellie Dunn performs private lesson, in-home private lesson, and board train services for CPT.   She is charming, engaging, and has a communication aptitude with both people and animals that is rare in the animal training industry.  CPT is fortunate to include Ellie as our newest staff member.

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