Megan Sinteff Jefferson

Megan Sinteff Jefferson- Dog Trainer CPT Flowery Branch

Megan Sinteff Jefferson started her dog training career in 2002 as a CPT apprentice trainer at just 16 years of age. She started by observing CPT Trainers Lisa and Jeff Carroll, who were neighbors of her parents, and then by formally entering the CPT apprentice program. Megan apprenticed for two years and then graduated to become a CPT trainer. She first worked in conjunction with her parents, Mike and Teresa. However, since her marriage to Caleb Jefferson in September 2009 and their subsequent purchase of 3 acres of pristine pastoral property in Flowery Branch, Megan has expanded her role providing CPT Boarding and Board Training services.

Megan is close to achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Bethany Bible College. Megan owns a Great Dane, Torino, a Bloodhound, Yeager, and a cat, Tripoli and added a son to the family in 2013 and a daughter in 2016. Megan plans on training Yeager for tracking and trailing purposes. Her bubbly personality and excellent work ethic make her highly popular with the CPT clients.

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